Friday , September 24 2021


Bijoy Bangla typing software is the most popular bangle language tipper in any bangle people. The software is an open-source program. You can easily touch typing in bangle with Bijoy Bangla typing program. With this program also get free keyboarding lessons with Bangla. If you are using this program no need any typing tutorial software for any kind of typing bangle language.

Bijoy helps to type of any Bangla word in your computer. Bijoy Bayanno program is designed by Mostafa Jabbar. It’s the best worldwide typing of software. Bijoy keyboard adjusts with Unicode feature. After installation Bijoy Bayanno program can easily press Ctrl+Alt+B to change your any language to bangle writing language then you are type anything with the bangle. At last, while you need to back again please press Ctrl+Alt+B.

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